This Thursday, December 9, 2021, the project ‘Etcétera’, by the artist Pablo Sandoval, is inaugurated in the new space of experimental projects of the Artnueve gallery ‘AP1’.


The AP1 space will collect a series of exhibition projects by emerging artists. One of the objectives is to generate a connection between the artists who leave the academy and those established, meditating on our cultural fabric.

We want thoughts, looks, words and conversations to be part of the project, in order to understand or assimilate its creation.

And so on 

AP1 space 

“The presence of and so on  after a numbering, it triggers a situation divided into two acts: first) from the elements already enunciated we must deduce under what classification we include them; second) we must actively participate to complete this list with our contributions. The key lies in how we build the categories.

Sandoval orders the same objects over and over again under different readings, in this way, he manages to place these objects in a territory ruled by wonder, making them worthy of his Cabinet of Curiosities ( Wunderkammer ). Therefore, in System of the elements (covers)  These objects, listed in their corresponding category, appear on the covers of the inventories. In this way, chairs, feather dusters and cat toys participate in the nineteenth-century illustrations that adorn these taxonomies.

However, when generating taxonomies and identifying every object as collectible, Sandoval raises a couple of questions: what is collecting? And what is hoarding? If the collections are based on decontextualized objects, with new meanings imbued by the collector that makes them wonderful and worth treasuring –semiophores as Krzysztof Pomian would name them–, are Sandoval’s treasures worthy of being called a collection if they continue with their function original and banal? ”

Text fragment  Etcetera ,  Daniel Soriano Pérez