Contained Form

Álvaro Albaladejo participates in the project Contained Form , at the Isabel Hurley gallery in Malaga.

This project brings together a selection of works by six artists born between the late seventies and early nineties who, from a critical approach to sculpture, address issues related to architecture. However, in all these works, architecture is not conceived as the art of designing and constructing buildings, but as a cultural practice.

“Álvaro Albaladejo’s practice also has at its center the ability of the ornamental to« enliven itself »and act on the viewer. In his case, however, the objective of the ornament is to destabilize perception through a heterodox use of the relationship between difference and repetition. Ornament functions as a hallucinatory technology that throws the eye against its limits, causing not only strangeness, but even experiences close to vertigo and disorientation. This centrality of the physical aspect of vision not only postulates that there is no neutral position from which to approach the visual, but rather on the contrary, the lack of disturbance that everyday distant observation presupposes is already historically conditioned. “

Isabel Hurley Gallery

In Contained Form , Álvaro Albaladejo, presents three works produced in the last four years:

Ozymandias (2018), an obelisk made of blued iron arranged horizontally that, due to the thermochromic enamel that covers its surface, changes color depending on the ambient temperature.

Gray Storm (2020), a work inspired by the motifs of the lower balconies that consists of a horizontal structure from which an inverted cactus hangs whose spines have been scattered on this same surface and that threaten to fall on the eye of the beholder.

For this exhibition the artist has produced a new work consisting of two gargoyles – a term understood here not as a grotesque figure but as the top of a pipe that protrudes from the wall – made of plaster with potassium permanganate, a chemical formula whose high instability causes the surface and color to change throughout the exposure.

The project can be visited until June 19, 2021 at the Isabel Hurley gallery, Malaga.