January - March

Artnueve Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Balance by Mark Hosking (1971, Plymouth, Great Britain). The artist proposes an investigation around the classic concept of duality.
The forms of marked organic character are witness to a melted tension of opposing states. The positive and the negative, the presence and the absence, the being and the non-being.

A space dominated by strangeness where the norms of perception disappear making geometric volumes shine before our eyes by presenting a reality in a continuous state of metamorphosis.
Hosking’s work is an invitation to look at what is sensed, to complete the missing half, to imagine duplicities, a look that is never complete and dominated by irregular and impure forms.
The tireless search for a balance that seems impossible but that we inevitably conceive as necessary.

Mark Hosking is one of the contemporary artists with the greatest international projection. He currently lives and works between Amsterdam and London. His work has participated in numerous exhibitions, including renowned galleries such as Lisson Gallery, Saatchi Gallery in London and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art in the United States.