Estampa / The perfect lover

September 22-25

A cold house. A visitor The perfect lover. A burning house. Last.

This project is proposed as a collaboration between Javier Pividal and Sergio Porlán, a context that allows a space for dialogue, but also for conflict, where differences are settled and links are established that relate the works of these two artists. An exception zone in which interference necessary for communication occurs.

To inhabit the exhibition space is to enter the land of others, to try to build it temporarily and then to abandon it, having left traces behind. Like the character of the visitor in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s movie Theorem, the artists play with the dismantling of what has already been given to delve into the search for new ways of approaching an everyday reality, often veiled, hidden, elusive.

The perfect lover addresses these questions from a dialogue format in which multiple voices, texts, inhabitants of other places appear that accompany them on this journey through a strange, dystopian, uncertain place. A common project. A shared space.
An unsafe place.