Presentation of the biography of Juan Genovés.


Santiago Reyes presents the project “Fósil Acústico” in Baluarte de Santa Catalina.

The artist Pablo Capitán del Río, finalist for the Cervezas Alhambra Award for Emerging Art

Javier Pividal presents the ‘Rito’ project in the Capilla room.

The artist Ramón González Palazón presents his recent project “You in front of the mirror” in Madrid

through the green

The works of the artists Damaris Pan and Alberto Peral are part of the exhibition “Turno de retort”

The artist Álvaro Albaladejo, finalist of the Cervezas Alhambra Emerging Art Award

Redonda, redonda



New Space AP1

ARTNUEVE participates in the October edition of the Estampa 2021 fair.

Last days to visit “Ficciones”

Arco / Community of Madrid Award for Young Artists

In other formats

The line of wit

Tender Geometries at ARCO E-xhibitions

Corte Program: What did we do?

Arabidopsis Thaliana

‘Granada, open garden’

Contained Form

The artist Ana Genovés exhibits at the Artnueve gallery by the artist Lawrence Corby.

Pablo Capitán del Río shows his work in the exhibition ‘Expanded Sculpture’. CAAC of Seville.

Between the forms that go towards the serpent and the forms that seek the crystal

Stamp 2021

The artist Santiago Reyes exhibits at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá

The Drunken Fugue

The artist Alejandra Freymann exhibits in the Patio Herreriano

The Provincial Council of Granada acquires ‘Certeza’ by Álvaro Albaladejo

Ships of Mnemosyne

Monument to Disenchantment

Decomposition dynamics

Between the forms that go towards the serpent and the forms that seek the crystal

Midnight after desert

Monument to Disenchantment

Another Hermetic Double

Interruptions, suspended time

Alvaro Albadalejo