Rainer splitt

Our artist Rainer Splitt holds a solo exhibition in the Sala Verónicas: Chromotopia, which shows us the blurred boundaries between the concept of painting and sculpture.

The exhibition is curated by Mª Ángeles Sánchez Rigal (director of Artnueve), and in it we can enjoy a show of reflections, color and sinuous forms in which the architecture of the Verónicas room takes center stage, as if it were a sumptuous setting that the artist manages and integrates as the central element of his proposal. Large spills of black color colonize the floor of the church, which is reflected on the surface of the painting, duplicated like a mirror, like a resonance box that amplifies its symbolic character. The ambiguity of these large shiny surfaces alludes to an indeterminate origin, we cannot know where they spring from, it seems that they came from a temporary place, rather than a physical one, from an apocalyptic future on the way between the organic and the artificial. As in the pieces where the painting overflows the limits of the support, the space acts as an architecture for the painting, a container that is a historical, well-known place, which is permanently altered.

The richness that the artist manifests in this work, together with the lucidity of the use of form and color, makes each viewer find references to an ambiguous world, a mixture of nature and culture, a viscous, splendid and mysterious world that, like the painting, it glides ineffably, sometimes incomprehensible but that speaks to us of the powerful secret of the skin and the surface.