‘Emotional trilogy’ is the title of this project, made up of a series of works that reflect on the emotions and personal spaces of the artists Camorhe, Misia Violencia and Roslim Dew, who belong to a generation of young people whose concern lies in the knowledge of what surrounds them, taking as a starting point what happens within themselves. Understand themselves before understanding the outside.

In this way, emotions are the starting point to create a space inhabited by tension, the real and the fictitious, the known and the unknown…

The germ of an abstraction that forms the meaning of this exhibition. A unique and intimate abstraction, through which the artists seek to explore, with textures, shapes and color, the different relationships between nature and the body.

Emotions start from the deepest to materialize in an abstraction that seems uncontrolled, seeking to leave the exhibition space, but that helps these artists to know, accept and understand their own life processes.

Rodrigo Carreno

Carrickmines, Roslim Dew

Flowers have fallen, Roslim Dew

Laughter, Camorhe

S/T (The Aesthetics of Sanity), Misia Violencia

Actividad realizada con la colaboración del ICA

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