ARTNUEVE-Suffering Metals-

Alejandra Freymann

Freymann’s work, apparently simple, proves to be fiercely effective in subjugating the beholder. Her paintings move us to a dream plane that, according to the artist’s own words, is in the things we already know. The formal surrealism of these pieces slides like a veil to give way to the logic that reality dictates.

The forms of time and space as pictorial elements. The mineral, the accident, the meteoric and the meteorological. The subtle difference between what lives and what exists.

Alejandra Freymann, The cooling of the earth, 2016
Acrylic on canvas. 55 x 105 cm
Alejandra Freymann, Climber, 2015
Acrylic / oil on canvas.
50 X 50 cm
Alejandra Freymann, Plants, 2015
Acrylic / oil on canvas
50 X 50 cm

Alejandra Fraymann, White Bears, 2012
Oil on canvas
65 x 130 cm
Alejandra Freymann Pocket Map, 2018
Acrylic / oil on canvas
54 x 50 cm
Alejandra Freymann, Unordered Diagram, 2018
Acrylic / oil on canvas
130 x 97 cm