Manuel M. Romero Study

Manuel M. Romero

The artistic work of Manuel Martínez Romero (Seville, 1993) explores the reduction to the essential, with simplicity and visual silence as an alternative to the vertiginous use of the current image. He flees from the speed that characterizes our environment and generates spaces of pause and reflection. Pause as an alternative. The pause talking about painting. An abstract, empty, calm, monochrome image, with subtle contributions, constantly making allusions to his own process. He is very interested in everything that happens during the process, so the works constantly talk about events in the studio, where paintings and drawings are constantly related to each other: sketches of a piece pasted on another made in parallel, stained canvases during the development of other paintings, unfinished paintings (culminated practically in the compositional distribution of the support), surfaces worn by footprints, and so on. The last step, the exhibition, is fundamental for this development. In the case of Martínez Romero, the installation of the works in the space is executed with a vital importance of emptiness.

Manuel M. Romero
Installation view, Bone Black, 2021
Manuel M. Romero, S / T, 2021
Oil, enamels, waxes and spray on paper glued to wood
200 x 120 cm
Manuel M. Romero, S / T, 2021
Oil, enamels, waxes, spray and glued paper
260 x 195 cm
Manuel M. Romero, S / T, 2021
Carbon and oil on paper
29 x 42 cm
Manuel M. Romero, S / T, 2021
Carbon on paper
68 x 40 cm
Manuel M. Romero, S / T, 2020
Wax on cloth
32 X 21 cm