Shiner – Santiago Reyes Villaveces-High (1 of 6)

Santiago Reyes

History is a cultural construction. Identity, a consensual fiction. Life, a space for negotiation. These questions of the between, the negotiation, the location of the subject in the context of post-capitalist society are some of the problems that the work of Santiago Reyes proposes. A fragile and precarious space to disarm the hero’s strategies. A vulnerable proposition for a convulsive space such as that of identity constructions at a time like the current one. A vase falls and a nation is created. No decrees are needed, just cultural fictions and subjective weapons of destruction.

Santiago Reyes, Aspect, 2017
Graphite on paper and aluminum foil
Variable measures
Santiago Reyes, Cartagena, 2018
Piedras de Cartagena, Colombia and Cartagena, Spain, aluminum tube and wood
Variable measures
Santiago Reyes, Polisher (Brujitas series), 2018
Chair, found wood, bearings, tire
100cm x 50cm x 40cm

Santiago Reyes, Caracola, 2018
Graphite on paper and 25 kl gold leaf
55 x 55 cm
Santiago Reyes, Patria Boba, 2018
Installation view
Santiago Reyes, Patria Boba Poster, 2018
Graphite on paper