Another Fair ´20 (T1-E2)

December 1 - December 6

Virtual art fair

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Open windows

Windows, Open refers both to windows, literally present in many of Aitor Lajarin’s paintings, and to the very notion of the painting as a window. Both the windows represented in them and these paintings are offered to us open, both allowing us to glimpse places beyond the visual field of each painting and suggesting that these paintings are conceived as material open to multiple interpretations. Appreciating the off-field, and what one can infer or imagine, seems crucial when approaching these playful but meticulously crafted and sophisticated paintings and spatial organization in which deep philosophical concerns resonate. Lajarin presents us with Windows, in short, which invites us to look out to explore openly, with a mixture of humor and acidity, but also tenderness and empathy, territories of thought and emotion around paradoxes, anxieties and uncertainties derived from contemporary conditions of existence.