ARCO 2011



HALL 8. STAND No. 8A09

The project presented for ARCO 2011 revolves around one of the central problems of contemporary creation: the relationship of the subject with his environment, or what is the same, the ways and means of inhabiting the world.

The artists that we present on this occasion (Sae, Gonzalo Puch and Alejandra Freymann), from different origins, generations and poetics, converge in a reflection on the ways of living in the environment through strategies of defamiliarization, estrangement and questioning of what is daily life, proposing various strategies to inhabit the world, all of them based on the need to redraw the spaces and relationships between the subject and his surroundings.

SAE. Avila. Spain. 1982. Drawings and sculptures.

He works with found objects, which come to life and become habitable worlds. The artist reuses objects loaded with memory, pregnant with presence, and modifies their relationship with the environment, turning them into animated places. This animated world supposes for the artist an alternative place, a land that is intended to inhabit in a different way.

GONZALO PUCH. Seville. Spain. 1950. Photography and installation.

He works with objects, spaces and situations that alter our experience of everyday space. Something common to most of Gonzalo Puch’s photographs is the introduction of a different order from the real order. Perhaps the expression that would best qualify these images is the one we use when we want to start saying something that has nothing to do with exactly what we are talking about: “in another order of things …”. And is that the images of Puch are precisely “in another order of things.”

ALEJANDRA FREYMANN. Xalapa, México, 1983. Drawings and oils on canvas.

The work with the oneiric, with the surrealist imaginary, is something that is present in his work. The fragility of Freymann’s images is sustained by an unshakable force, articulated with unsettling tension and determination, disturbing in the hands of someone as young as she is.