ARCO 2013


As in previous editions of ARCO, the Art Nueve gallery proposes a project that revolves around a series of common issues. In their latest appearances, the gallery’s artists have reflected on alternative ways of inhabiting worlds, subtlety, the invisible or the enigmatic, all of which present modes of resistance to the spectacle. This is the line of work that the Art Nueve gallery has chosen since its inception, and which has been gradually consolidating in recent years, showing more and more interest in artistic proposals that bet on the subtle, light and miniscule. .

On this occasion, the works of the artists presented, each one from his own medium and his particular poetics, revolve around microperceptions and the aesthetic experience of lightness. Through photography (Gonzalo Puch), painting (Prudencio Irazábal or Alejandra Freymann) or sculpture (Juan Asensio), installation (Saelia Aparicio) and work with spaces (Julia Calvo), artists presented by Art Nueve propose a kind of aesthetics of the minuscule, a kind of micrology that appears both in a literal sense through the minimal figures of Freymann, Sae or Puch, as well as the almost invisible variations of perception in the case of Juan Asensio or Prudencio Irazábal, or Julia Calvo’s subtle interventions in space. In all cases, the viewer needs a special time to face this intimate and close art that, however, far from being easy and accommodating, produces a perceptual restlessness and disturbance that alters everyday experience.