Casa Fría

September - November

“Cold house” is a specific project for the gallery space that brings together the latest work of the Spanish artist Sergio Porlán. Painting, sculpture and installations are embedded in a narrative about fragility, the passage of time and the consciousness of the poetics of the everyday.

“Cold house” takes the domestic space as a reference changing the elements that constitute this environment in order to provide a new meaning, a symbolic meaning. The aim of this artistic installation is to create an affected scenography where the spectator experiments an estranged house of hallucinatory aspects. This is a place of encounter where the domestic objects, in a fragile equilibrium, surround the spectator’s body transforming his perceptive experience as if he was absorbed in an altered state of consciousness.

We found a clear reference to Time in all the artistic work of Sergio Porlán. The artist introduces ‘another time’, a slowed down time that spatializes contemporary speed in order to break through reality and inviting us to think in a critical way. In this project Porlán works with rests of real medicines placed over the pictorial surface, vaporizers, plastic accumulations, light elements, reflective surfaces and objet trouvé such as stones or pieces of glass. These elements operate as a particular and heterogeneous grammar referring to the artificial baroque, like a “memento mori” or a contemporary “vanitas”. It is a subtle and almost invisible allegory that displays a sense of melancholy against time passing and the finitude of existence.