Todo es entonces

November 2015 - January 2016

“Everything is then” by the artist José Luis Cremades (Alicante, 1979) is perceived as an atmospheric space where works, ascetic, overwhelmingly refined and full of silences, appear before us as pictorial magnets of different degrees of depth, without limits and without Borders.
The main objective of the artist is to focus our attention on the difficult task of looking for the invisible but which nonetheless exists. Colors, texture, rhythm and composition overflow the canvas, introducing the viewer into a state where he is emotionally challenged, thus renouncing the loneliness promised by abstract painting. It is through a progressive degradation of color that a departure from the mimetic takes place. A step that for the artist goes beyond the visual and approaches the spiritual in the manner of the Historical Vanguards. But the abstraction of Cremades is not a total renunciation of the material, since the very title of the works (6F 40P 120F) refers to their pictorial condition in a self-conscious way.
The title of the exhibition “Everything is then” refers to a continuous past. A moment that seemed stopped but that survives, as is the time of painting. The artist resorts to his codes rearranging them
and making them work according to their meaning. At the same time, the spheres of painter’s tape are part of a line of work that reflects the artist’s interest in an “archeology of the workshop”, that is, the traces and accidents that occur during the processes of creation of the works and that suggest the preceding states of what finally becomes the work and always remains hidden.