Foro Sur Cáceres / El Paisaje sólo existe a través

23-25 October
The Art Nueve gallery participates in FORO ARTE CÁCERES with a specific project by Alejandra Freymann, “Landscape only exists through”, in which it shows the latest work done.

He proposes a subjective and intimate interpretation of his surroundings, his paintings are loaded with intellectuality and always hide a complexity of stories. Belonging to a new generation of artists for whom the world around them becomes the central theme of their creations.
In his painting abstraction, dreamlike, figuration and even elements of pop can be seen. As a synthesis, he shows in his painting an atmospheric density of subtleties.
In his new paintings he explores and develops a synthesis and variation of the pictorial element around the idea of landscape as a space constructed by the gaze.

Alejandra Freymann has exhibited individually at Galería Artnueve and Pepe Cobo.
And in individual institutions such as “Out of the blue”, Intervention within the cycle “at Home” in La Casa Encendida, Madrid, “The bridge of vision”, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santander and Cantabria (MAS) , Santander, “First a mountain” Alcobendas Art Center.

He has participated in numerous prestigious fairs, both international and national, Frieze London, Art Basel Miami,
Zona Maco, Mexico, Arco, Madrid, Preview Berlin, Art Lima, Estampa Madrid.

His work can be found in numerous collections, both private and public, international and national, such as Deutsche Bank, London, Fundación Antonio Pérez, Cuenca, Spain, Fundación Cajasol, Seville, Spain, Fundación Canaria para el Desarrollo de la Pintura, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, Torre Espacio, Madrid, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santander and Cantabria.