September - November

Javier Pividal has been developing a line of work for years in which, from a rereading of certain Barthesian concepts referring to the image and the text, he investigates the possibilities of words to ‘say body’.

In the pieces of his previous series Écrire en blanc he developed a ‘blank’ writing from synthetic geometric shapes that accurately contrasted with the words he wrote (or rather, he wrote), all of them related to the affective, the sensitive, the elusive of the body.
Thus, ‘Ardor’ is conjugated as Ardeur / Ardeux / Ardoux. Amour is declined as Amur and as Amer. And Durar, in this new project, merges with Arder: Durarder. A phrase taken from the ‘Fragments of a loving speech’ has become the backbone of all the pieces, which obsessively affect the same idea: Pourquoi durer est-il mieux que brûler?
Last or burn. Or last and burn. Or last. Words written in gold and silver but also with lead and ash. Fluorescent colors, light colors that ‘crack’, and texts written in black on a black background. A display of plastic resources that is strictly subject to the development of the questions that interest him: beyond the image, the body, what is left?
Durarder is an intensification of the issues present in his work today, but it is also a leap forward, or rather a turn, in that twisted line of flight from the body. The solution, if any, will be like beauty: uncertain.

‘When words burn, bodies burn’