Rutas del desasosiego

May 14 - May 31

Routes of Restlessness is the artist’s fourth project at Artnueve.
This time the project takes place in the gallery’s Espacio E1, specially assigned for this installation.

We are waiting for you next Tuesday, May 14 at Artnueve from 8:00 p.m. on Calle Dr. José Tapia Sanz, 1.

“Art serves as a flight towards the sensitivity that the action had to forget,” says Pessoa, in The Book of Restlessness, that mysterious and suggestive space that pushes Soledad Sevilla to the creation of her Routes of Restlessness. This piece is, as often happens in his work, the consequence of an echo that has survived in his memory for years, since his first reading of that book, which occupies a wide and deep mental space. It is in March 2016 when, moved by emotional intensity, the artist tours Lisbon for fifteen days, which will later be translated into the fifteen boxes that make up the piece.