Arte Santander / Le bruissement

July 16 - 20

The Artnueve gallery proposes in Le bruissement a project of dialogue between the work of Prudencio Irazábal and Javier Pividal based on the Barthesian resonances present in the work of both artists.

Once the first approach is made from a static and timeless contemplation, the works of both artists provoke a perceptual disorientation that includes a process of constant tension between the reality of the seen and the perceptual construction, that is, between the image and the real, between what is in the work and what we think we see.

In the age of attention deficit, the artists of Le bruissement demand the serenity of contemplation, they demand the slow time both of the enjoyment and experience of the gaze and of the intellectual and conceptual complexity.

Stand 05

July 16 – July 20