Santiago Reyes inaugurates the Harp project

The fantastic #Harp project by Santiago Reyes Villaveces, winner of the Matteo Olivero Prize, was inaugurated at Sacristy of the Ex-Sant’Ignazio Church Saluzzo Italia.
We cannot be more proud of Santiago’s work.

“Harp uses the many drawers and cabinets in the furniture of Sacristy, opening them and making the file structure open, visible and resonant. The instrument will use a set of various resonance boxes: the building themselves, the drawers and the windows. Created in collaboration with the composer Nicolás Jaramillo, a musical piece will be presented during the opening of the exhibition by a local choir, from the province of Saluzzo. Singing with their heads inside the open drawers, the performers will not play the harp directly, but will use the vibration of their voices to make the strings resonate through the space. The entire harp structure parasitizes the space in which it inhabits to sustain itself in the midst of a network of physical and discursive tensions to build a temporary and embodied experience that connects two dissonant spaces and historical experiences. This project renews and gives new meaning to the harp through an erratic process of sensory counter-conquest “.