The artist Alejandra Freymann exhibits in the Patio Herreriano

The artist Alejandra Freymann exhibits at El Museo Patio Herreriano.

This exhibition, with title Painting: Permanent Renovation and curated by Mariano Navarro, it will be the scene of a large exhibition dedicated to painting made in Spain in recent decades, a large-scale exhibition format that aims to press the state of affairs of a medium in constant transformation, as indicated its title. Formed by almost fifty artists, most of them from younger generations and some consecrated persons who are perceived as a reference in the specific speeches that the curator weaves here, the exhibition is structured around a series of narrative conceptual axes, thus painting fluid, dematerialized painting and its conceptual drifts, expanded painting, the tension between representative figuration and that other that eludes evocation …

The sample includes a good number of works from the Contemporary Art Collection, which houses one of the most relevant sets of paintings that can be seen in the Spanish institutional system, and will occupy six large rooms and not a few common spaces in the museum. Painting: permanent renovation aims to shed good light on the aesthetic problems associated with contemporary practice at this time of perpetual crisis in which the image and its ways of representing it live.

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