Arco / Community of Madrid Award for Young Artists

The ARCO Community of Madrid Award for Young Artists was created in 2004 to recognize the best work of plastic arts (including painting, drawing, comics, engraving, sculpture, mixed media, photography, installations as well as any other support of artistic expression, without limitation of subject or technique) made by artists from age not exceeding 40 years, whose sale price does not exceed € 35,000, and that has been exhibited in the corresponding edition of the ARCO Fair.

The Community of Madrid acquires the awarded work and it becomes part of the CA2M Contemporary Art Collection , whose funds are also increased by the awarding of other prizes associated with art fairs.

In this edition of the ARCO Madrid fair, ‘La fuga ebria’ (2021) by the artist Pablo Capitán del Río (Granada, 1982) has been awarded, which was exhibited at said fair, at the Artnueve gallery stand, from 7 to July 11, 2021.

The Granada-born artist speaks through La Fuga Ebria , which was exhibited at Artnueve in March, about the gaze and desire. Pablo Capitán del Río’s work revolves around the object and the three-dimensional. This sample, in particular, is composed of pieces of resin, glass and iron burns, of materials that can act as transparency, hollow or reflection. The variations that they present throughout the room seem like phrasing, or rather stammering, in that “deafblind language of sculpture” that Oteiza spoke of, they pointed out from the gallery at the time.

Another aspect of Pablo Capitán Del Río’s installation is “the treatment of the soft, the ability to sculpt the malleable as a representation of a deformed or spiritualized functionality, to evoke the idea of the party that ends, the after… with the public space disappearing and the pleasure of the encounter that is lost ”, according to the curator of the same, Alfredo Aracil.

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