ARTNUEVE participates in the October edition of the Estampa 2021 fair.

On the occasion of the celebration of Estampa, International Contemporary Art Fair co-organized with IFEMA MADRID , the ARTNUEVE gallery presents the project ‘ESTRATEGIAS DE LO SUTIL’, which brings together the work of a series of artists whose works pass, in one way or another, about what we could call “the subtle”.

This is a concept that is related to meticulousness, detail, but above all to delay and attention both in production and reception. Subtlety in practice, but also in the result in perception. A subtlety related to the Heideggerian idea of sorge (care), as responsibility and commitment to art and its meaning.

This sense of subtlety is found both in doing and in thinking, in the ways of carrying out the work (with diligence and careful work) as well as in the ways of thinking and conceiving it. Subtlety of production, but also in reflection, in working with a non-obvious sense of things. And it is here, in the rejection of the obvious, where the subtle , in a time dominated by obscenity – that is, by the absolute visibility of the world – becomes more than ever a practice of resistance.

The fair celebrates its next edition from October 21 to 24, 2021 , as the autumn fair of the art market in Spain and the Encounter around the most important gallery and collecting in our country.

Stand 3B18