La piel descubierta

April 28- June 17

Artnueve gallery is pleased to invite you on Thursday, April 28 from 8:00 pm to the opening of the project ‘La piel descubierta’, by artists Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo and Damaris Pan, an exhibition curated by Javier Sanchez.

The project brings together a series of recent works by Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo and Damaris Pan. A proposal that addresses reflections on looking and touching.

“In the seventies Steve Paxton developed a type of dance he called Contact Improvisation or “improvisation in contact” and whose fundamental premise is the physical communication between two bodies in movement. The direct physical contact between the dancers brings about a new way of being in space and of relating to the laws that determine movement. It is an experience that proposes an alliance between touching and looking and that places its center in the skin. The skin appears then not only associated not only with the sense of touch, but also with the sensation of weight and the play with gravity, hence both the loss of verticality and the distribution in multiple directions that characterize these improvisations in contact. La piel descubierta brings together a series of recent works by Damaris Pan and Claudia Rebeca Lorenzo based on this experience of the skin as a visual surface, as that fold between looking and touching that takes place in their practices and processes. It is about discovering the skin, but also about laying it bare.”

Curator Javier Sánchez