Drawing Room / El dibujo como pretexto

February 21-25

The project presented by Artnueve in this edition of the Drawing Room Madrid fair brings together four artists who share particular ways of doing things. Antonio González, Aitor Lajarín, Pablo Capitán del Río and Sergio Porlán display common procedures in their work that have to do with the relationship between the body and the work; the importance of the gesture, the trajectory, the line and the movement that it implies, attributes all of which are characteristic of drawing. And drawing is the pretext that encourages these artists to work towards the same goal: the possibility of describing the world from art.
These artists take annotations, using drawing as a means of approaching the visual images they want to communicate. Drawing is the strategy that helps define shapes within the process of projecting your ideas. Drawing then is equivalent to thinking, it is a process of building images. We can affirm that it is the closest plastic form to thought.
The drawing in this project responds to the ambivalence of the will to represent and the force of its own meaning, a rich and stimulating contradiction in which the drawing indicates and signifies at the same time. And that ambivalence serves as a ‘pretext’ to bring these four artists together, configuring with their own aesthetics a ‘pre-text’ to come, a preview of a personal, complex and enigmatic world that the yearning spectator has to complete.