Perder la fuerza - 05 copia

Losing strength

June 22nd

To lose strength An indentation, something that opens, a wound that does not close. The dictionary speaks of dehiscence as a natural phenomenon that occurs in certain fruits or in the anthers of the stamens so that the fruit or seed can come out. Similarly, in medicine it names a spontaneous opening of a tissue or an organ that had been sutured. In the etymology of the word dehiscere itself, it also conjugates the meanings of the verb -hiscere, as something that opens to the other in the figurative sense of a narrative or a story (to open to the other) and which is also formed on the root of the verb -hiare (to open, to come out of the mouth, to yawn) and from which the word hiatus comes from. A yawn, a hiatus, an opening towards the other that configures a language. Losing strength not as dejection or surrender but as an opening for the seed to fall. An ornamental sampler that composes a score. A phantasmatic encounter with emptiness. A new twist to the hallucination of the point of view in the ornamental repertoire. Losing strength not as a ruin, but as the necessary opening for meaning to occur. Always open, never occluded.

– Jesus Alcaide

Vista de la instalación, Saltos, caídas y otras formas de desaparecer, Alejandra Freymann