Animales blancos

January 29 - March

Like in a dream, the birds are floating on or very close to the ground.
Everything is quiet down here. Just a slight breeze would change the color of some leaves.
Behind that bush it is daytime but you will never know or rather you will never be able to tell about it.
Under this tree sleeps the heart of a legendary explorer.
Does not matter.
Between a tablecloth and the window they also buried more than one leaf explorer.

The Art Nueve gallery presents “White Animals” the new exhibition by Alejandra Freymann.
As if it were micro-stories, Freymann’s painting presents the right and precise phrase, in which nothing is missing and nothing
The story reduced to its minimum narrative elements, with an opening towards the viewer, who has to complete
the stories or give them a meaning, projecting their imagination and interceding with what is raised in the painting, establishing
an empathic relationship with what is painted for which, of course, attention and delay are necessary.