‘Granada, open garden’

The artist Álvaro Albaladejo participates in the exhibition Granada, open garden . This extensive exhibition, which does not pretend to be canonical, brings together a hundred works that completely flood the Almirante’s Palace.

Each of the rooms in this beautiful Albaicin building houses a concept related to the gardens.

Thus, through pictorial works, sculptural bibliography, soundscapes, installations, etc., one travels not only through the garden as a physical element, but also through the spiritual components that surround it. The sections or concepts of the exhibition are: Colors and Prickly Pears , Of Carmenes and Artists , Lost Spring , Pure Substance , Open / Closed Paradise , The Garden and Its Beings , Red and Green Jewel , Living Geometries , Exuberance and My Garden. Soledad Sevilla, Belén Mazuecos, Álvaro Albaladejo or Joaquín Peña Toro are some of the current artists who exhibit their works along with others from Val del Omar or from Granada artists from the end of the 19th century who were relegated by forgotten from the 19th century such as Francisca Rodríguez- Acosta, Encarnación Romero and Pillar Millet de Martos who, at some point, were relegated to oblivion.

The project can be visited until June 18, 2021 at the Palacio del Almirante, in the Albaicín neighborhood (Granada).

We leave you the official statement: