New Space AP1

We are pleased to announce that this Friday, November 5, the new ARTNUEVE AP1” space for experimental projects will be inaugurated, which will house the Gabinete de Voces project.


It is a new space attached to the ARTNUEVE gallery, where projects of an experimental nature are generated. Joining the gallery’s programming with new proposals, as well as alternative lines of thought to the one established in it.


AP1 space

Cabinet of Voices is a project that brings together a wide set of works by different artists who dialogue with each other, establishing an immediate connection, where we can find formal, aesthetic and discourse relationships. By putting this multiplicity of works in contact as a contemporary altarpiece, the perception of them is enriched, generating new ways of reading. On this occasion, the white cube gives way to a more connoted format, and the traditional arrangement of the pieces to other possible arrangements, freer, that appeal to the viewer to discover new relationships in the reception of art.

From various disciplines such as painting, photography, and drawing, numerous voices are raised in a different context than the one for which they were created, in a new life of objects, establishing new dialogues, as well as discovering new connections, establishing these in a sustainable and local environment.

For more information, contact Galería Artnueve.