Pablo Capitán del Río shows his work in the exhibition ‘Expanded Sculpture’. CAAC of Seville.

Four irrigation doors, iron, 320 x 320 x 120 cm. Pablo Captain del Río, 2018.

The piece by Pablo Capitán that in 2018 was part of the exhibition ‘The other landscape’ that took place in our space, is part of the collective exhibition ‘Expanded sculpture’, organized by the CAAC of Seville.

‘Expanded sculpture’ , composed of pieces from the permanent collection of the CAAC in which works by artists such as Pepe Espaliú, Soledad Sevilla, Pablo Capitán , Cristina Iglesias and internationals such as Louise Bourgeois will be discussed.

The exhibition, which is curated by Juan Antonio Alvarez Reyes and Yolanda Torrubia, also shows acquisitions from last year, purchases that were made with a budget authorized by the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage as aid to contemporary art due to the pandemic.

A good number of the sculptures that make up the sample will be exhibited for the first time in the museum and have been acquired thanks to the exceptional measures implemented by the Ministry of Culture and Historical Heritage through the Impact Plan, as announced by the minister , Patricia del Pozo, during the presentation of the museum’s 2021 program.

The show tries to offer a journey in which the viewer, “almost without realizing it, will go from abstraction to figuration, from geometry to the body, producing along the way a series of intersection nuclei where dialogues are established around issues such as the idea of device, the organic in relation to form and material or identity and popular culture “.

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