“The guest” a project curated by Ángeles Sánchez, director of Artnueve.


The ‘The Guest’ initiative is a project where a series of contemporary art works are temporarily housed in the museum in order to generate a dialogue with the pieces that belong to the permanent collection. An opportunity to contrast or look for similarities between the practices of the past and those of the present and thus establish a new enriched reading of the museum discourse.

The selected works have to do in some aspect with the context of the museum where they are installed. Thus, the artists who use ceramics contrast their work with the Roman and Greek heritage and there are others whose work has formal Gothic reminiscences or perhaps they make references to the forms of the Baroque.

In this way, the exhibition sense is revalued, paying attention to old pieces and allowing the visitor to discover new artists, relationships are also established, new readings are established and the museum experience is enriched. The Museum of Fine Arts, the Moorish and Gothic arcade of the Santa Clara Museum and the Archaeological collections will become new locations for contemporary installations.

Seven artists have worked in a specific way to relate their work to the chosen space, establishing a formal language with the environment. Alejandra Freymann, Jose Luis Cremades, Mark Hosking, Pablo Capitán del Río, Ramón González, Santiago Reyes Villaveces and Sergio Porlán are the artists participating in this project.

The Guest generates a metaphor that influences the colonization or the hosting of pieces made today in front of the historiographically articulated collections that have always been in their usual locations. Contemporary art becomes a guest in the house of history, a friendly intruder, who establishes relationships with his past to which he is the heir. A nomadic proposal that colonizes these unconventional spaces. Installations that move from their usual locations, the white cube or the gallery and enter the museum.

All these artists share common aesthetics, related to the idea of enigma, of mystery, with attention to the formal aspects of the work and that make nods to history; an adjusted way of dialoguing with the connoted space of regional museums, of redefining them, of illuminating new meanings.