The Provincial Council of Granada acquires ‘Certeza’ by Álvaro Albaladejo

The Provincial Council of Granada acquires the work ‘Certeza’ by the artist Álvaro Albadalejo after being one of the twenty-five works selected in the Artistic Creation Awards convened by it.

These awards are part of the measures aimed at the cultural sector within the Granada Plan for Economic and Social Recovery launched by the Provincial Council to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. That is why they were born with a vocation of permanence and have finally been distributed in the modalities of painting (13 awards), sculpture and installation (4), drawing and comic (3) and photography (5). Each winner has received a diploma and the amount of 2,000 euros, with which the Provincial Council has invested a total of 50,000 euros in this first call.

The artist Álvaro Albaladejo dedicates the following words to us about his piece:

“Certeza is a piece that corresponds to the group that made up the project The end of the universe (2018). Exhibition held within the FACBA’18 Contemporary Art Festival . The spirit of this festival motivates the hybridization between contemporary art projects and different departments of the University of Granada as well as pieces that make up its Heritage Collection .

The piece is a Calatravo marble slab milled by computerized numerical control. The original image from which it comes is a hemiferostomy or tomographic section of the brain of a cat. This exhibition was carried out by José Soler , scientist and graduate in medicine from the UGR, for his doctoral thesis. This thesis tried to reconstruct the body of a cat through its organs, through tomographic sections, microscope photographs and tissue and fluid samples of different fragments.

The end of the universe was about a reconstruction of the myth of Benben , original stone of the pyramidal cult and pillar of the founding myth of Atum ; God who is supposed to have generated himself. This exhibition was self-generated with pieces taken from these collections. José Soler ‘s samples connected with the attempt to fossilize an idea through said exhibition, formalized in this work. “

We leave you the link to the article dedicated to the Granada Provincial Council’s Artistic Creation Awards in the GranadaHoy newspaper to find out more about this call: