through the green

The AP1 space includes the project ‘Through the green’, by the artist Lorena Cabrera. 

In an age where individuals hide behind a screen and the self seeks new resignifications, showing oneself without the slightest fear is a revolutionary act. This is how the artist Lorena Cabrera presents herself in her work. A fresh and rebellious painting in which the shades of green give serenity to everyday and recognizable compositions. However, when we enter those personal spaces proposed by Cabrera, we observe a painting with the intention of telling us something, that goes beyond figuration and that aims to show us a path of nostalgia, introspection and criticism.
Memories, moments and instants frozen in time lead the artist to create landscapes where absence becomes latent. A material absence that he transmits through his own figure, which stands as the main character in most of the works, and the nostalgia for stopping time that allows him to dream of spaces where the material vanishes and the human figure only responds before the natural.
In this series of works, Lorena Cabrera works from the autobiographical, exploring the limits between the public and the intimate. To do this, he starts from personal photographs, both physical and digital, to create compositions full of stories but also of legend. These photographs go through a process of reinterpretation that allows him to take the viewer into a fantastic but recognizable world today. A world where the image has become the most important element of our culture. In this way, through this new pictorial vision, the viewer begins to delve into the memories of the artist who shows herself to be seen and shows her most intimate self.
This is how Through the Green tells us the most autobiographical aspects of Lorena Cabrera. A work of photographic origin that the artist, through painting, has been able to reinterpret to endow it with spirituality and personality.

Text by Commissioner Rodrigo Carreño

Lorena Cabrera (Totana, 1993)

His artistic career has exhibits throughout the Region of Murcia, and different places in Spain, such as Madrid or Segovia. Scholarship at the end of the Degree in Fine Arts with the course of Pensioners Painters of the Royal Academy of History and Art of San Quirce in the Palacio del Quintanar. He has attended the first and second editions of the ICOCEP (International Congress on Contemporary European Painting) as a speaker, presenting Terciopelo Rojo and Hijos de Eva. She was the youngest finalist of the year 2019 of the Fuente Álamo International Painting Contest. In 2020 he finished the Master in Production and Artistic Management of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Murcia. Currently, there are exhibitions in Porto, Project MAP (Murcia, Argentina, Portugal) and in Murcia, within the XXI Painting Award of the University of Murcia (Palacio Almudí). His work explores the limits of the intimate and the public, working from the autobiographical. An approach to the sexuality of the female body and its relationship with affectivity and intimacy. It is developed through personal narratives. Different dualities are revealed. The absence and the presence, the past and the presence that evoke a world of reverie, nostalgia and memories. It also establishes a symbolic language through different religious elements.